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Unrestricted Gifts – By not designating your gift, you give the PDK Educational Foundation Board of Governors maximum flexibility to direct your generous contribution to the area of greatest need.

Educators Rising – Help PDK recruit and develop the next generation of great teachers. Educators Rising, powered by PDK, is transforming how America develops aspiring teachers. Starting with high school students, we provide passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. Your donations directly support programming and curricular resources used by teacher leaders and students.

PDK Education Poll: Putting the Public Voice Back in to Public Schools – PDK International has launched the American Voice campaign as a new charitable giving initiative to honor the history of the PDK Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools and ensure its continued independence. Throughout its 50 years, the national PDK poll has been funded exclusively by the PDK Foundation, which has enabled it to preserve its independence and integrity.

PDK & PLT Endowed Scholarships – the PDK educational foundation manages over 70 endowed scholarships supporting young men and women on their path to becoming exceptional teachers. You can view a listing of the scholarships and you can donate to any one of them by calling PDK international at (800) 766-1156.

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PDK Funding Guidelines

Phi Delta Kappa International (PDK) seeks to engage in public and private partnerships that help the organization fulfill its mission and advance its vision.

Support from appropriate partners contributes to the financial health of the organization so that it may continue its activities to ensure the success of each of its initiatives and also provides awareness building for the organization and its programs, projects and ventures.

PDK has adopted the following guidelines for all corporate funding and sponsorships:

  • Sponsorships and all corporate-supported events or programs must conform to PDK’s mission and organizational priorities as outlined in PDK’s Strategic Plan.
  • Corporate sponsor’s products and services must be compatible with and complement PDK’s mission and values.
  • To prevent potential conflicts of interest and guard against any perception of conflicts of interest, PDK will not offer category exclusivity to companies whose products and services are endemic to PDK’s endeavors; this determination will be made by PDK.
  • PDK will refrain from associating with companies that have the potential to damage PDK’s image because of the nature of the companies’ products, services, or reputation.
  • PDK will not engage in sponsorships from companies in business areas deemed inappropriate for use by children, e.g. tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • PDK will retain ownership and total control of all PDK events, programs, initiatives, awards, and communication vehicles. The policies, programs, and integrity of PDK must remain entirely unaffected by any sponsorship.
  • PDK will retain total control over its marks/logos and their use by corporate sponsors.
  • PDK/ (Kappan Magazine) will have total editorial control over all sponsor-related communications to PDK members and the general public.