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Ellington honors Phi Delta Kappa – Phi Delta Kappa International was recently honored for more than a century’s worth of contributions to the community.

The Grade: A Closer Look at Education News – The Grade is happy to announce a new look, a new home, and new funders for 2017.

EdRising Academy Curriculum – The Educators Rising Curriculum Development Team completed their work on the EdRising Academy curriculum, a groundbreaking program for high school students to explore teaching.

Rafael Heller joins Kappan – Rafael Heller, a longtime writer and editor based in Washington, will be joining Kappan magazine as managing editor/content in late November.

Update from CEO Josh Starr – During this past year I have been speaking and listening to members about what they expect and need from PDK. 07/2016

Educators Rising Standards Debut – The journey to accomplished teaching is a marathon. What should the first steps look like? Educators Rising Standards are the teaching profession’s answer to this vital question. 06/2016

A letter to PDK members – Joshua Starr, the staff, and the PDK International Board of Directors have identified several strategic areas as we rethink every aspect of the organization. 04/2016

PDK hires a COO – Albert Chen has joined PDK International as chief operating officer. 04/2016

Educators Rising develops standards to guide preparation of future teachers – Educators Rising is developing standards to back-map professional teaching standards — what teachers need to know and be able to do. 03/2016

PDK offers service learning tour to Peru – PDK International CEO Joshua Starr will lead the organization’s next study trip: a 10-day service learning tour in Peru from July 18-27, 2016. 03/2016


PDK holds conversation about SEL – US adults rank student engagement and hopefulness for their children’s future as far more important than standardized test results as a measure of a school’s effectiveness, according to this year’s 47th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public schools. 11/2015

Joshua Starr links with Broader Bolder Approach – PDK CEO Joshua Starr will become a co-chair of the Broader Bolder Approach to Education, a national campaign that acknowledges the impact of social and economic disadvantage on schools and students and proposes evidence-based policies to improve schools and remedy conditions that limit many children’s readiness to learn. 10/2015

PDK to convene SEL discussion – PDK International will host a daylong dialogue about social-emotion learning (SEL) on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at Gallup headquarters in Washington, DC. 10/2015

Joshua Staff is new CEO of PDK – Following a nationwide search, the PDK International Board of Directors hired Joshua P. Starr as PDK’s new chief executive officer. 08/2015

PDK Board Members Elected – The PDK International Board of Directors acquired three new members, effective, July 1. 09/2015

Kappan Magazine wins APEX awardsKappan has won two Awards of Excellence in the annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. 09/2015

Results from the 47th Annual PDK/Gallup poll are released – Visit to learn more. 08/2015

PDK launches Common Core web site as resource for educatorsKappan has a new Common Core Writing Project. 05/2015


American Public Sees Need for Change in How Teachers are Prepared (PDF)

New Poll Finds Declining Public Confidence in Uncle Sam’s Education Policies (PDF)


Learning First Alliance Issues Statement about Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Results (PDF)

Poll Finds Big Public Disconnect Between Views on School Testing, Push to Common Core State Standards (PDF)

Learning First Alliance Supports Common Core State Standards, But Cautions Secretary of Education (PDF)

Phi Delta Kappa International (PDK) Names New FEA Director (PDF)

Is a Rigorous Board Exam for Teachers in our Future? (PDF)

PDK and CommunicationWorks Win Award for Promotional Excellence (PDF)

Former Major Leaguer, Abbott, to Speak at FEA Conference (PDF)


44th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll Shows a Nation Divided Over Public Education Issues (PDF)

Suffolk University Professor Honored for Research on Student Preparation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (PDF)

University of the West Indies Lecturer Honored for Research on Effects of Immigration on Student Academic Performance (PDF)

Educational Research Coordinator Honored for Research on Underrepresentation of Women in STEM Fields (PDF)

Lamar University Professor Honored for Research on Quality Indicators of Online Education Programs (PDF)

Ontario Ministry of Education Policy Analyst Honored for Research on Effects of Transformational School Leadership Model (PDF)

Learning First Alliance to Share Insights on Transforming Learning in New Education Week Blog (PDF)

Texas A&M University-Commerce Cultural Diversity Program Receives Grant From International Education Association (PDF)

University of Texas at Arlington Assistant Professor Receives Grant From International Education Association (PDF)

New Hampshire Educator Receives Grant From International Education Association (PDF)