Emerging Leaders Class of 2014-2015

PDK congratulates the 2014–2015 Class of Emerging Leaders. These young leaders in education were selected from a competitive field of applicants on the basis of their outstanding professional accomplishments. They are innovators, thought leaders, problem solvers, and change agents moving the field of education forward. The PDK Emerging Leader program honors educators who are age 40 or younger when they are nominated for the award.

Katie N. Anderson Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Katie N. Anderson

English Teacher
Central York High School
York, Pennsylvania
Katie N. Anderson press release

Phillip A. Boda Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Phillip A. Boda

Science Teacher
City Polytechnic High School
Brooklyn, New York
Phillip A. Boda press release

Monica Boehle Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Monica Boehle

Instructional Support Coach
Community Unit School District #303
St. Charles, Illinois
Monica Boehle press release

Aaron Bredenkamp Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Aaron Bredenkamp

Dean of Students
Westside High School
Omaha, Nebraska
Aaron Bredenkamp press release

Dawn Davis Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Dawn Davis

Project Director
Language and Reading Research Consortium
Lincoln, Nebraska
Dawn Davis press release

Emily Elizabeth Douglas Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Emily Elizabeth Douglas

Director of Human Capital
Battelle for Kids
Columbus, Ohio
Emily Elizabeth Douglas press release

Jermaine Anthony Ellerbe Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Jermaine Anthony Ellerbe

Assistant Professor
Coppin State University
Baltimore, Maryland
Jermaine Anthony Ellerbe press release

Andrew Frishman Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Andrew Frishman

Director of Program Development
Big Picture Learning
Providence, Rhode Island
Andrew Frishman press release

Timothy S. Glasspool Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Timothy S. Glasspool

Plum Borough School District
Plum, Pennsylvania
Timothy S. Glasspool press release

Monique J. Green Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Monique J. Green

Independent Education Consultant
Washington, D.C.
Monique J. Green press release

Leslie R. Hawley Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Leslie R. Hawley

Research Assistant Professor
Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools
Lincoln, Nebraska
Leslie R. Hawley press release

Susan N. Kahn Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Susan N. Kahn

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, Louisiana
Susan N. Kahn press release

Brian G. Kingsley Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Brian G. Kingsley

Acting Chief Academic Officer
Broward County School District
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Brian G. Kingsley press release

Brittny Mandarino Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Brittny Mandarino

Administrative Director
Bethany Methodist Weekday School
Houston, Texas
Brittny Mandarino press release

Deanna Martindale Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Deanna Martindale

Hebron Elementary School
Hebron, Ohio
Deanna Martindale press release

Erica Vernold Miller Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Erica Vernold Miller

Program Director
Cazenovia College
Cazenovia, New York
Erica Vernold Miller press release

Roxanne V. Molina Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Roxanne V. Molina

Program Professor
Nova Southeastern University
Miami, Florida
Roxanne V. Molina press release

Natasha Murray Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Natasha Murray

Mathematics Chair
Copiague School District
Copiague, New York
Natasha Murray press release

Eric Parker Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Eric Parker

Shiloh High School
Snellville, Georgia
Eric Parker press release

Seth A. Parsons Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Seth A. Parsons

Associate Professor
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia
Seth A. Parsons press release

Brian G. Ricca Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Brian G. Ricca

Montpelier Public Schools
Montpelier, Vermont
Brian G. Ricca press release

Louie F. Rodriguez Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Louie F. Rodriguez

Associate Professor
California State University, San Bernardino
San Bernardino, California
Louie F. Rodriguez press release

Summer E. Stephens Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Summer E. Stephens

Weston County School District #7
Upton, Wyoming
Summer E. Stephens press release

Matthew Strine Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Matthew Strine

Assistant Superintendent
Shippensburg Area School District
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Matthew Strine press release

Michele Tine Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Michele Tine

Assistant Professor
Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire
Michele Tine press release

Steven M. Yanni Photo, 2014 Emerging Leader

Steven M. Yanni

Assistant to the Superintendent
New Hope-Solebury School District
New Hope, Pennsylvania
Steven M. Yanni press release