Scholarship Outreach Resources

Teachers, counselors, administrators, and chapters — please join us in promoting the PDK Educational Foundation scholarship program within your community! We encourage you to:


  • Announce these scholarship opportunities to your students.
  • Print this flyer and post on bulletin boards in your school’s guidance office, campus student unions, public libraries, and other venues where students congregate.
  • Share the scholarship information on your school or chapter website, in newsletters, and on social media channels. Remember to include the website link and/or attach the flyer.

Does your chapter or school administer its own scholarship program?

  • PDK has added statements on our scholarship pages that encourage students to contact their local chapter for possible additional opportunities, along with this link to a listing of all chapters. Please make sure your Chapter’s online information is up-to-date for potential applicants.
  • Streamline the application process. If you have a chapter scholarship program, consider using PDK’s scholarship application. Instruct applicants to print out their completed PDK application and either scan and email it or print and mail it to your chapter scholarship committee.
  • Share your chapter awards with the PDK family! Let us know if your chapter or school awards its own scholarships so PDK can include your recipient information in the PDK Annual Report. Please send the recipient’s full name, hometown and state, college or university, and official name of the scholarship award to